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Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Utilizing the Power of DLT to create highly secure, distributed applications.

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DLT ERP Plugins

Additional Data Validation for your ERP Solution.

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DLT Training

Upskill your own workforce .

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MatrixThread provides rapid development of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) for clients looking for robust, secure, auditable and scalable solutions.

Based out of Melbourne, MatrixThread is now one of the fastest growing and largest independent DLT consulting companies in Australia.

Our projects have included Personal and Commercial Identity platforms, Product provenance solutions, Health Record Storage and linking blockchain data storage technologies to ERP solutions.

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Customer Solutions


Personal Health, Pathology, Radiology, Pharmacy and Hospital records management integrating health insurance claims management.

Identity Management

Enabling businesses to transact with users who have been verified by identity verification and attestation. This has enabled high data quality and fraud reduction.


Using Distributed Ledger services to track member contribution throughout the lifecycle of member Superannuation.

Financial Services

Efficient tracking of financial assets and transactions. Seamless onboarding of new customers utilizing the identity verification services.

Energy and Environment

Enabling greener cities by utilizing PowerLedger services to reduce power wastage by tracking hotspots and enabling more efficient power allocation.

Logistics & Supply chain

Providing advanced traceability and responsiveness to enable supply chain provenance by utilizing IoT and Distributed Ledger Services.

Public Sector

Government record storage on the Blockchain, secure record keeping and retrieval and integration of verification systems for government issued documents.

Triple entry accounting

Extension of secure hashing to enhance the double entry system and creating distributed accounting thereby Globalizing accounting systems

HR and Recruitment

Employee onboarding and tracking of employment history through secure hashing of employment records. Helping businesses validate employment history and saving cost on follow ups

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