Our Products

Matrix HRHR and Payroll solutions

With over 800 installations across South Asia, Middle East, and South East Asia, Matrix HR is a leading provider of Cloud-based HR and Payroll solutions to SME and large-scale enterprises. Matrix HR has been designed to seamlessly work across different platforms such as Web, Mobile (iOS and Android), coupled with low-cost implementation and maintenance, makes Matrix HR a highly competitive solution.

Matrix HR has embarked on a transformation of the platform where employment documents and History records are preserved on the Blockchain, enabling immutability of historical records related to employment, qualifications and other documentation. This has the potential to save millions of dollars in pre-employment background checks, records verification, and onboarding –¬†this feature is being rolled out in Q4 2018.

Matrix ERPSME and Enterprise ERP Systems

Matrix ERP is fully integrated ERP solution currently in production in the South Asian market. Modules such as Procurement, Material Resource Planning (MRP), Materials Management (MM), Sales, Manufacturing, Planning, Research and Warehouse Management (WM) modules are built in. Matrix ERP utilized a SaaS based access model and designed to be cross platform compatible. Coupled with extremely low licensing costs, Matrix ERP is a highly competitive ERP solution currently in the market.